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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a punchlist?

A:  A punch list is a document prepared near the end of a construction project listing work not conforming to contract specifications that the contractor must complete prior to final payment.  The work may include incomplete or incorrect installations or incidental damage to existing property, street, sidewalks etc.  The contractor is bound by the contract to complete this list of contract items in order to receive final payment from the owner.

How can I find out if my street is closed or if it is scheduled to be closed?

A: You can find the latest road closures related to your street by visiting You can also go to the Construction Phase projects page and clicking the link in Road Closures for closure updates.

What can I expect when the contractor is working in my neighborhood?

A: You can expect some inconvenience due to equipment movement, material transport and trench excavation. Access to your property will be impacted during construction in front of your home, but roads will be restored to the surface with stone (temporary) upon completion of the days/s work. 

How wide will the trench for the sewer be?

A: The trench will be approximately 6ft - 9ft wide. 

Will I be provided notice prior to the start of construction near my property? 

A: Yes. Project mailers are provided to give notice to the property owner / tenant approximately 2 weeks before construction activity takes place. 

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