Work In Your Area - Design Phase

Key West Lift Station Elimination

This project consists of the repurposing of the existing Key West Lift Station to a new gravity sewer manhole and constructing a new gravity sewer to a recently completed sewer interceptor.  The project includes removal of the mechanical and electrical equipment and abandonment of the existing facilities and appurtenances.  The new sanitary gravity sewer is anticipated to be approximately 5,800 linear feet and ranges in sizes from 12-inch to 16-inch, and includes approximately 18 manhole structures along the sewer route.

Construction dates are currently being evaluated.


Eagles Force Main, Phase II 

This project consists of the installation of approximately 375 feet of new 12” force main and 250’ of new gravity sewer to complete the second phase of this improvements project on the east side of Evansville.  Work also includes the abandonment of a portion of the existing gravity system within the project’s footprint. 

Construction dates are currently being evaluated.

Walnut Storm Sewer Force Main, Weinbach to Vann 

This project will involve the installation of approximately 5,500 feet of 30” force main pipe and related appurtenances on Walnut Street from Weinbach Avenue to Vann Avenue.  Construction is anticipated to coincide with the road reconstruction project planned through the City of Evansville Engineer’s Office. 

Construction is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2022.