Bonnieview and Oak Lift Station Improvements 


S1589 WE 2021-01-16 MS (5)
S1589 WE 2021-01-16 MS (5)

S1589 WE 2020-11-07 MS (11)
S1589 WE 2020-11-07 MS (11)



Work related to this project includes the Installation of a new sanitary sewer lift station, combination air valve structures, approximately 160 feet of 6” force main, approximately 2,600 feet  of 8” to 24” sized gravity sanitary sewer pipe with 20 sanitary manhole installations varying from 48” to 96” in diameter.  In addition 28 sanitary sewer lateral and cleanouts are planned to be installed, as well as the demolition of the existing lift station and the retirement of existing sanitary sewer facilities.  Areas of installation include: E. Oak Street from Burkhardt to Bonnieview Drive, Bonnieview Drive from Highcroft Drive to Outer Lincoln Avenue.  Additional improvement areas include the installation of new facilities in easements in three areas.  One is bound by Burkhardt, Highcroft, Bonnieview and Oak, while the other area is bound by Bonnieview, Oak and Outer Lincoln Avenue. Minor upgrades are being performed within easement areas immediately south of Cherry Street between Wilson Square and Greenfield Drive.

Project Team

Project Owner - Evansville Water & Sewer Utility

Evansville, IN

Project Designer - Commonwealth Engineers, Inc.

Evansville, IN

Construction Manager - American Structurepoint, Inc. 

Evansville, IN

Contractor - MAC Construction & Excavating, Inc. 

New Albany, IN

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Project Update


Recent Progress (May 16 to May 22) 

  • PMG completed privacy fence installations throughout the project site. 

  • PMG performed lawn restoration throughout the project site. 

Anticipated Activities for Upcoming Week (May 23 to May 29)  

  • Project appears to be substantially complete and no work is anticipated on site this week. 

Project Schedule

Bonnieview and Oak Lift Station (Bonnieview Drive)​ Complete

E. Oak Street, Burkhardt Road to Bonnieview Drive Complete

Easement Bound by Burkhardt-Highcroft-Bonnieview-Oak​ Complete


Bonnieview Drive, Lincoln Avenue to Bonnieview and Oak Lift Station​ Complete


Easement Bound by Bonnieview-Oak-Lincoln​ Complete


Bonnieview Drive, Bonnieview and Oak Lift Station to Highcroft Drive​ Complete


Easement Bound by Wilson Square, Cherry, Plaza​ Complete